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5 Best Sex Positions Unbelievably Sensational Orgasms
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The 5 Best Sex Positions For Unbelievably Sensational Orgasms

When the mood is set, and the sheets are dancing, the one thing you and your partner most passionately crave for is an amazing, effort-worthy orgasm.  Climax is arguably the most important phase of sex. After all, this is what you do all that sweat-breaking for. This is what brings a conclusion to your intense hard-work in bed. Characterized by a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, sweet pleasurable sensations throughout the body and the release of hormones and endorphin, the Big ‘O’ is what leaves you satisfied (or unsatisfied, depending on the quality of the orgasm) at the end of an intimate encounter.. Here are 5 sex positions that will give you unbelievably sensational orgasms. These sex positions will help you get unforgettably amazing orgasms.

The positions you have sex in, have a major role to play in your climax sequence. Some positions may give you the best orgasm of your life, whereas others might not leave you as satisfied as you’d have liked.

Here are 5 Sex Positions that’ll give unbelievably sensational orgasms.

5 Best Sex Positions Unbelievably Sensational Orgasms
Photo Credit : Getty Images

1. Doggy Style

Ladies, get on four legs and let your man enter you from behind for the best orgasm you could possibly imagine. The favorite position of a lot of couples not for no reason, the Doggy style is powerful, engaging and passionate. It gives a strong animalistic feeling which simply adds to the passion and hotness about it. Doggy style is great in the sense that it allows for really deep penetration, and helps you hit the G-spot which is the ultimate pleasure spot for women. So, next time you want to have a great orgasm, you know how to bend.

2. The Lotus

The man sits on the bed (or a floor/balcony/kitchen-shelf, as your imaginations and experimentations please) cross-legged. The woman approaches from the front and sits over her partner’s legs, with her legs crossed around the man’s body. What’s so special about this rare Kamasutra position is that the partners are so extremely close to each other, it simply raises the hotness bar in the room. Plus, the position lets the man to enter into the woman really deep, therefore giving an unforgettable climax in the end.

3. Cowgirl

It’s simple he man lies on the bed and the woman climbs on top of him like a cowgirl. The position is great in the sense that the steering is in the hands of the woman. She can set the pace as she desires. It’s advised to mix up deep thrusts with slower grinding and stimulation. And not to forget, your fingers are free. So, don’t shy away from putting them to action for greater orgasm.

4. Rocking Chair

Herein, the man sits on a chair (or any other furniture that offers comfort like a sofa or a couch). The woman sits over his lap. She may sit, facing the man or facing away with her back towards the man, as both of them would like. The position allows for deeper thrusting and ultimate intimacy. The woman may like to put her fingers to use as well for better stimulation. What makes the rocking chair position all the more exciting is the lack of space. There’s so less space available giving room for greater intimacy and higher stimulation, therefore gifting you an amazing orgasm.

5. Sixty-Nine

Both the partners bring their mouths into action in this world renowned oral-stimulation position. Both lie down, one on another, in such a way that both are pleasing each other orally. The position is a great way to bring up amazing orgasms without even having to intercourse. The oral stimulation gives a great sense of satisfaction and the climax is something to remember.

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