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7 Must-Follow It Girls of 2017

A New Year’s refresh doesn’t have to stop at your closet. Updating your social feeds can prove equally cathartic, ridding yourself of the typical and bringing in new sources of inspiration. With their unique careers and savvy social skills, these rising stars focus their Instagrams and Snapchats on compelling images of art, travel, food, fashion, and, yes, perfect selfies. Get to know seven of the Insta It girls you need to follow in 2017.

Clara McGregor
Photo: Courtesy of Clara McGregor / @claramcgregor

Clara McGregor
Instagram: @claramcgregor
If McGregor’s pout and nonchalant attitude seem familiar, it’s likely because she takes after her father, Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor. Though she bears a resemblance to her famous dad, Clara isn’t a carbon copy. Newly signed to Wilhelmina Models, she’s the latest celebrity daughter to engage in fashion, and with her expressive good looks, it’s easy to see why. On Instagram, she’s a charming presence, delivering plenty of travel shots, artfully composed selfies, and the occasional behind-the-scenes film moment.

Tina Kunakey
Photo: Courtesy of Tina Kunakey / @tindakunakey

Tina Kunakey
Instagram: @tinakunakey
As a jet-setter with enviable hair and attention-grabbing style, Kunakey appears to live a life most girls dream of. You never know who you’ll see next on her Instagram: There are cameo appearances from friends like Bella Hadid; French singer M. Pokora; and Kunakey’s movie-star boyfriend, Vincent Cassel. Her feed offers an overview of Parisian nightlife, international travel, and lots of chic pieces from Chanel—it’s social media at its most glam.

Carlotta Kohl
Photo: Courtesy of Carlotta Kohl / @carlottiica

Carlotta Kohl
Instagram: @carlottiica
Model and photographer Kohl has one of the most colorful feeds in fashion. Filled with odd images that grab Kohl’s attention, photos of her famously tight girl squad, and her personal photography, her Instagram offers a vivid look at the life of an art insider.

Gabrielle Richardson
Photo: Courtesy of Gabrielle Richardson / @fridacashflow

Gabrielle Richardson
Instagram: @fridacashflow
As founder of the Art Hoe Collective, Richardson is dedicated to providing queer artists of color with a platform to showcase their talents. By utilizing online spaces to build a community and challenge art-world norms, Richardson harnesses the power of the Internet for good. Naturally, her ’gram is filled with art, but there are also eye-catching selfies and glimpses at her modeling work.

Maxine Ashley
Photo: Courtesy of Maxine Ashley / @maxineashley

Maxine Ashley
Instagram: @maxineashley
Ashley, a rising star musician, delivers dreamy tunes that she shares on her SoundCloud. Her visual presence is equally captivating, inviting viewers into her world of photo shoots, album art, and artistic inspiration. Blessed with beauty and a fearless sense of style, Ashley is worth following to hear her latest songs and see which bold outfit she’ll put together next.

azzeppi Zanaughtti
Photo: Courtesy of Jazzeppi Zanaughtti / @uglyworldwide

azzeppi Zanaughtti
Instagram: @uglyworldwide
Zanaughtti is cooler than you. The bleach-blonde, browless model-artist was discovered by influential photographer Nick Knight, she creates performance art in between appearing in magazines and hangs with equally stylish pals like Slick Woods. She documents her worldview with drawings, selfies, and wild non sequiturs, and her offbeat feed is a must-follow.

Salem Mitchell Photo: Courtesy of Salem Mitchell / @salemmitchell

Salem Mitchell
Instagram: @salemmitchell
Mitchell’s freckles are instant beauty inspiration, and the SoCal rising star has used social media to spread a message of empowerment. In between peeks at her latest work, shots with stars like Tyler, The Creator, and a few glimpses of her prom, Mitchell posts about what it’s like to be a working model and a teenager. Insightful and honest on Instagram and Tumblr, Mitchell is compelling even when she’s not in the picture.


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