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Alicia Marie Emerson : A True Renaissance Woman

Alicia Marie Emerson

Educationist, Model & Actor


September 29



Place of Living

Cottonwood Heights, Utah, USA

Favorite Movie

A Clockwork Orange –

Philosophical critique on societal expectations!

Comfort Food

Meat. Always meat!  With a glass of red wine.

Favorite mobile App

Facebook and Instagram

Connect with Alicia

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Photo Credit : Marc Reynolds.

Who Is Alicia ?

Gorgeous Alicia Marie Emerson is Salt Lake City, Utah ( USA) born Educationist, Model and Actor , She is  part-time professor and work in education administration.  She Maintains a fine balance between beauty and brains!  She loves being a Renaissance woman and being able to combine book smarts and entertainment. She credits her dad for for catalyzing her passion for rock and roll and cars. To her , her boyfriend owner of Global Musicians Radio (www.gmr.fm)  is a major catalyst for her art  and supporter of her dreams.

Her Education

She earned  her B.A. in English literature with an art minor and Master of Education from Westminster College. Currently she is earning her PhD in Education from Walden University. Which she completes by Fall! Her PhD dissertation is entitled Exploring Holistic Education for Patients With Cancer. which bridges the gap between integrative medicine and empowering cancer patients to become educated about healing for the whole person

Acting/Modeling Journey

She began her modeling at the age of 11 with McCarty Talent Agency. However she took a hiatus to go to college, and then made a comeback into the industry a few years ago. She acted for the first time in a horror film in 2009 (The Cell 2). The second was Porn Star Zombies, which was a low budget crass horror comedy (think Clerks meeting Night of the Living Dead). This film was internationally distributed and aired at Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, She produced and acted in the feature film Through the Killers’ Eyes, which is a horror film entirely shot through the point of view of the killers.

Photo Credit : Rachel Barnes / RB Photography

Utah-born Multi-talented, versatile, Alicia Marie Emerson mother of three kids lives and works as a Model, Actor, Producer in Utah, along with that she is a  professor and PhD Scholar. Once the PhD was almost finished,  She resumed her passion for art through modeling and acting. Through these mediums she has experienced much success, In her  modeling career, she have been published countless times, was crowned Miss Jetset Utah 2015, and was crowned Ms Holladay 2016. She have acted in multiple feature length films. She considers herself a true renaissance woman. She believes main reason in life is to CREATE. 2016  marked the beginning of a producing and photography career for Emerson. She founded Zepstone media and produced 2 films, catalyzing a passion for photography and independent film production. In addition to her passion for the beauty and film industries, Emerson has a true passion for education. She is a published PhD candidate and has worked as a professor and adviser.

” My extreme passion for education and art, in a way, go hand in hand. Through the expression of art in the entertainment industry, I have found that individuals can achieve wholeness and embrace a part of them that is often suppressed by societal norms and expectations. ” She said. ” Soon, once the PhD is completed, I hope to use the modeling, film, photography, and production aspects to spread awareness about the need for healing for the whole person.”  she further added

Here are excerpts of  our Conversation with  Alicia,

Fascination Glamour:  How supportive is your family and friends in your Modeling Career, How do you cope up being a PhD Scholar and modeling career both.

Alicia Marie Emerson: My family is very supportive. They are aware that I do shoots or filming at least once a week. For my PhD, most of my homework is done on lunch breaks, little by little! My 150 page dissertation proposal is done, and I am currently collecting data through a partnership with a cancer center in downtown Salt Lake City. I want to explore best practices for teaching cancer patients about healing for the whole person. So it is going beyond just chemo and radiation therapy; it’s also looking at integrative medicine, such as acupressure, acupuncture, reiki, music, mediation, essential oils, nutrition, community activities, yoga, etc. Eventually I would like to use the entertainment industry as a medium to spread awareness about this topic

 Fascination Glamour: Where do you see yourself after 5 years down the line?

Alicia Marie Emerson: I see myself using my education to impact messages through art. Again, for me it’s not about money or fame. It’s about creating art and impacting positive change at the same time. I will continue to model, act, and produce, and I will continue to run my photography business, to get messages out there.

Fascination Glamour:Your PhD dissertation is Exploring Holistic Education for Patients With Cancer , what made you to pick this when you love modeling and acting on the other hand.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Long story short, my son was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. It was a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. He went through chemo for a year, and it was hell. But Primary Children’s Hospital (in partnership with Huntsman Cancer Institute) also incorporated integrative medicine, which helped him tremendously. Now he is cancer free! I saw this as a sign that I needed to study this topic and spread awareness.

 Fascination Glamour: Your message to Cancer patients worldwide.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Become educated about your own condition. Don’t just take chemo and radiation at face value. There are so many more aspects besides your physical condition that come into play. You need to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Find hospitals and non-profit centers that will educate you about all 3 aspects so you can make the most informed decisions about your short and long-term care.

Fascination Glamour: Your Proud moment.

Alicia Marie Emerson: That day when my son was diagnosed cancer free! Also, getting my degrees and setting an example for future generations. I was a first generation college student.

Fascination Glamour: Three things in a guy that turn you on.

Alicia Marie Emerson: (1) Ambition! I cannot stand laziness. (2) Creativity. Nothing turns me on more than a man who can think outside of the box. (3) Empathy. I dig guys who are kind and empathetic to others, but also know how to take a stand for what they believe in.

Photo Credit : Kenneth A. Muhlkestein / KMPhotoVideoGraphics

Fascination Glamour: One thing you are most likely to be caught when home alone.

Alicia Marie Emerson: If I were home alone, you would probably catch me dancing like crazy to classic rock and roll. I am a rock girl through and through

Fascination Glamour: Describe your Lingerie/wardrobe Collections in three words.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Eclectic,  Mysterious,  Sexy.

Fascination Glamour: If you had just 10 Mins to dress up, what would you wear?

Alicia Marie Emerson: I would throw on a classic little black dress. You cannot lose with that choice for any situation!

Fascination Glamour: Ever have a fear while starting your modeling, if yes, how did you conquer that fear?

Alicia Marie Emerson: Modeling, for me there was a fear of getting naked in front of photographers, makeup artists, and designers. But when you accept your body and love yourself, that fear dissipates. Now, I have no problem throwing off my clothes on set. You have to hurry sometimes

 Fascination Glamour: If not a Model/ actor you would have been…?

Alicia Marie Emerson: Well…..I am also a part-time professor and work in education administration, so there is a fine balance between brains and beauty! I love being a Renaissance woman and being able to combine book smarts and entertainment.

Fascination Glamour: Your Favorite Model …

Alicia Marie Emerson: Ashley Graham. I love what she is doing for body positivity in the industry.

Fascination Glamour:What Photographers / actors / Producers you have worked with and favorite among them?

Alicia Marie Emerson: This is a hard one. There is not one person who I did not enjoy working with. I love seeing so many different visions coming to life! But I really got a kick out of watching Frank Whaley being a creepy serial killer on the set of The Cell 2. I was a dead girl he killed who haunted his mind.

Fascination Glamour: Your Favorite genre.

Alicia Marie Emerson: If alone, a hot bath with oils. if within a good company, a massage from a pair of strong hands.

Fascination Glamour: Three things we will always find in your wallet.

Alicia Marie Emerson: (1) A lighter. You never know! (2) my cellphone (3) a fantastic red lipstick.

Photo Credit : Kenneth A. Muhlkestein
Photo Credit : Kenneth A. Muhlkestein / KMPhotoVideoGraphics
Photo Credit : Kenneth A. Muhlkestein / KMPhotoVideoGraphics

Fascination Glamour: A song you can’t stop dance upon listening.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Anything rock and roll….or Lady Gaga. Gaga is power music before modeling shoots!

Fascination Glamour: High Point in Life.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Right now. I feel so blessed to change lives right now in education, as well as being able to collaborate with talented individuals in the entertainment industry. So many good things are happening right now!

Fascination Glamour: Low Point in Life.

Alicia Marie Emerson: I did life backwards. As a single mom and teen mom, I never thought I would be able to go to college or become successful in the entertainment industry. I was stuck between the ages of 18 and 22 in a bubble and dead-end job. But I realized I could no longer have a victim mentality and chose to change my life despite adverse circumstances. I went back to school, got back into modeling and acting, and chose to help others transform their own lives in education, as well.

Fascination Glamour: One thing in Acting that took you by surprise. 

Alicia Marie Emerson: How emotionally impacting it is. You REALLY have to put yourself in the moment and feel everything your character is feeling. It is crazy

Fascination Glamour: . Your  Most beautiful Childhood Memory:

Alicia Marie Emerson: Cruising around with my dad while learning about cars and motorcycles. And you better believe we were jamming to rock and roll.

 Fascination Glamour: One Thing about Alicia People might not know about.

Alicia Marie Emerson: I worked in horticulture for 9 years while putting myself through college. My thumb is bright green!

 Fascination Glamour: A Hollywood star you would like to work with.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Eva Green. First, she has brains, not just beauty. Second, she knows how to really emotionally put herself into a scene, and I could learn a lot from her.

 Fascination Glamour:  One Superpower you wish you had

Alicia Marie Emerson: As a traditional witch, I use the power of my brain to change my surroundings. But why not be able to fly along with that? Hehehehehe 

Fascination Glamour: Expectations from your modeling / Acting career

Alicia Marie Emerson: I do not have any expectations aside from being able to spread messages and awareness. My goal is to convey academic ideas through modeling and film. For example, how can a photograph or film spread awareness about healing for the whole person? For me it’s not about money or fame. It’s about creating art and impacting positive change at the same time

Fascination Glamour: Upcoming Projects.

Alicia Marie Emerson: Right now, I have 2 filming projects ion post-production. One is a feature length film called Through the Killers’ Eyes, and the other is called G.I.F.T.D. Both are in the horror genre. They will be released this year. For modeling, I have several upcoming publications

Fascination Glamour: Your advice to new Actors/Models

Alicia Marie Emerson: Realize that modeling and acting takes extreme discipline, investment, and superb marketing skills. So many girls just think that a pretty face will make them successful in the industry. No! Like any other career, you need education and training. Also, you cannot expect to be flaky and get anywhere. Have respect for designers’ and photographers’ time.

Fascination Glamour: Any Plans to provide helping hands to Cancer patients after your PhD ?

Alicia Marie Emerson: Absolutely. This study is just the beginning of many. In this dissertation study, I am interviewing instructors at the cancer center to see how they teach cancer patients about their whole person healing. In the next one, I will interview physicians who partner with the center. I will continue to partner with the non-profit site so that educators and doctors can combine efforts to find a cure worldwide.

Fascination Glamour: Any more Message ?

Alicia Marie Emerson: I am not afraid to use my art to impact society in a positive way, and I encourage other actors and models to do that, as well. Use your influence to impact positive change.

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