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What to Wear for Date Night

These are the 10 essential pieces for a great date night look.

With all the dating that Carrie Bradshaw did throughout the span of Sex and the City, isn’t it rather amazing that she was able to come up with so many amazing after-dark outfits?

Since we don’t have quite the same closet (or budget!) for all those designer date night ensembles, most of us are forced to get a little creative while relying on a set of tried-and-true staples that we can mix, match and change up in a ton of ways. For example, we can think of at least three different ways you can wear the same simple black slip dress for multiple dates and occasions.

To help you figure out what to wear on a date, we came up with a list of ten essential pieces to have in your closet. These items, including block heel sandals, a mini skirt and a bodysuit are just a few of the things we always reach for when cupid comes calling (and dinner’s at eight!).

Ahead, shop our 10 essential answers for what to wear on date night—especially in the summer months.

1.  A Slip Dress

There are few pieces more ubiquitously trendy this year than the slip dress, and few celebrities have worn it better than Selena Gomez. This simple, sexy silhouette is one of our date night go-tos because it’s so versatile. For an evening out a nice restaurant, try wearing yours with heeled sandals and some layered necklaces. For a brunch with your beloved, layer it under a denim jacket and throw on your favorite slide sandals.






2.  A Mini Skirt

Got legs for days? Show them off in a playful mini skirt. These are high on our date night must list because they work all year long. In the summer, you can pair your mini skirt with a pretty silk blouse and flats. In the fall or winter, layer up with tights, ankle boots and a v-neck sweater for a cozy movie night.

3.  Block Heel Sandals

What if your date night involves a moonlight stroll after dinner? A walk from drinks to dinner doesn’t have to be a risk—just make sure you have a great pair of block heel sandals. The surface area of these heels make them much easier to walk in, or stand at the bar or take that romantic stroll by the water. The good news? (Yes there’s more!) There are a variety of heel heights and strap arrangements to suit your style and comfort needs.





Dress wear Date Night4.  A Mini Bag

There is no easier bag to carry on your next date night than a mini bag with a crossbody strap. You don’t need much when you’re out—just your phone, wallet, keys and probably some lipstick—all of which would easily fit into a chic little mini bag. A mini bag is also great for dates because you don’t want to be encumbered by a large tote or shoulder bag when you sit down at an intimate restaurant. They easily hang off the back of a chair and can even rest on the bar without being too conspicuous.




5.  Denim Shorts

In the summer months, denim shorts are essential for your more casual dates. Say you’re going to a movie screening in the park one evening or just grabbing some beers at your local Irish pub during the Rio Olympics—denim shorts are a cute and flattering option.

If you’re not sure what style of denim shorts are best suited for your body type, this article should help.




6.  A Bodysuit

If you’re in the market for a trendy addition to your date night wardrobe—one that’s actually been a secret of stylish women everywhere since the 1980s—get yourself a bodysuit. These ultra-fitted tops are meant to tuck into your favorite skirts and pants for a slim, body-con fit.








7.  A Wrap Dress

This summer, the wrap dress takes a close second to the slip dress as our favorite silhouette of the summer. The wrap dress is a great option for date night because it’s incredibly romantic and flattering on just about any figure. Pretty floral prints and kimono-like sleeves are our favorite details to look for. Wear your summer wrap dress with block heels and a pair of tassel earrings for a look your date will love.





Dress wear Date Night8.  A Piece of Personal Jewelry

On a date—especially a first date—it’s a good idea not to wear super-flashy jewelry. That’s not because it isn’t fun or attractive, but because it can be distracting. When you want to get to know someone and keep the conversation natural and easy, it can be hard if your bracelets are constantly tapping against the table or your statement earrings keep getting caught in your hair.

Our answer? Go with a simple piece of personal jewelry. It can be a fun monogram or nameplate necklace or a piece of heirloom jewelry you love. If he/she brings it up, you’ll have a fun story to tell, not just an excuse to make.

9.  An Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

Our last date night essential to have in your wardrobe this summer is the off the shoulder shirt. We love how elegant, fun and pretty these tops are, and there are so many different styles to choose from now. The shoulders are an unexpectedly sexy part of the body, mostly because we haven’t been showing them off this way throughout the most recent fashion movements. Try wearing yours with your favorite and most flattering jeans or a fun skirt. Voila, date night style—done.




Dress wear Date Night10.  A Camisole

Want the sleek and sexy look of a slip dress or a bodysuit without all the fuss? Try a simple, classic camisole. There are a variety of styles and fits you can find out there right now, some have lace details, some are extra-long and some come in pretty prints. Our go-to for a date night, however, is timeless black with no fuss. The slim straps create an alluring neckline without revealing too much, and the color assures you can wear it again and again, with everything from the aforementioned mini skirts to your favorite skinny jeans.



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