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Lindsay Lohan Is All Set to Return to Acting


The Little Mermaid fame, Hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan is all set to hop on the television trend and accept a small screen gig in  the new British comedy series Sick Note, starring another famous redheaded former child actor, Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame. The Mean Girls star will join the show for its second series, with the first due to air in autumn this year.

As explained by Deadline, Sick Note stars Grint as Daniel Glass, a “compulsive liar” stuck in a bad relationship and a dead-end job, who is diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor (Frost). When he finds out he was misdiagnosed and is actually fine, his doctor persuades him to allow his family, friends, and coworkers to continue to think he is terminally ill.  The news outlet also said that Lohan will play Katerina West, the daughter of Grint’s character’s boss. Incidentally, her dad is played by Dakota Johnson’s real life father, Don Johnson.

Sky’s Head of Comedy Jon Mountague said: “One lie leads to the next in this unsettlingly brilliant comedy that will hook viewers in and have them on the very edge of their seats. Filming for series two is already under way, and we’re delighted to confirm Lindsay Lohan will be joining Rupert and Nick in this stellar comedy cast.”

Lohan has been keeping busy of late, having also landed her own reality TV show called The Anti-Social Network. The show will see her hijack people’s social media in a Punk’d style.

Lohan, who has been on hiatus from the entertainment industry over the past few years, seems excited about the new role. On Monday, she tweeted a photo of herself, Grint, and their costar Nick Frost on set. “Jokes with Rupert Grint and @nickjfrost on set of my new show Sick Note,” she captioned the shot.


Sick Note will premiere its first run this fall on Sky 1 and NOW TV. but Lohan’s scenes won’t air until the second season, which will come out sometime next year.

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