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Meet American-Nicaraguan Actor & Singer Maria de Jesus

Photo Credit: Lina Gerbeyanuk

Maria de Jesus Castellon


August 12th



Favorite Movie

Malena, Italian film shot by Miramax

Comfort Food

Nicaraguan Gallo Pinto (Rice and Beans).

Who Is Maria ?

American-Nicaraguan Actor + Singer. Maria de Jesus Castellon was born in Miami, USA, yet raised in ex-communist country of Nicaragua which is where she got a taste of fame at a very young age by working as a professional actor at the age of 9-10 and doing many TV commercials & singing for jingles, charity events, and national theater with both of my sisters, Gloria &  Blanca.  Having a musician father who was also was a writer, director, and producer of several Nicaraguan productions was an added advantage

Her Education

Despite loving the stage and being on TV sets, she decided to get a degree in Graphic & Web Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale right after getting her high school diploma from The American Nicaraguan School. At AI she studied design full time in college and also did acting classes at night at The Acting School of Hollywood Florida or with coaches such as Judy Kerr and Raymond Forchion. She also did modeling and small acting gigs for Univision and Telemundo on the side to make some extra money.

Acting/Modeling Journey

She loved fashion and was into creative photography. However, she was proportioned and skinny, so she began to set up her own photo shoots with photographers to experiment for fun until she realized that one didn’t have to be 5’9 to model. So she walked into Deco Models in Miami Beach and the owner liked her enough to sign. She did mainly bikini modeling and commercial work in Miami. By the time she got to NYC, she had modeling experience and two films (Anatomía and 9:04 am she starred in that had been in The West Palm International Film Festival.

Photo credits: Willis Roberts

Miami-born Multi-talented, versatile,  Maria de Jesus lives and works as a model in NYC for major brands such as Coach, Calvin Klein, Franco Sarto, Vince Camuto, Steve Madden, The Sak etc and has worked as an actor in major tv networks such as Bravo, Fox, NBC, and much more. She considers herself a true renaissance woman. She believes main reason in life is to CREATE.  ” My plan is to continue CREATING by using many different art forms, mediums, and even using myself at times, to INSPIRE and ENTERTAIN viewers with the purpose of creating GOOD CHANGE for our world ”

” FILM, TV, and THEATRE being such powerful mediums, may easily arouse all of our 5 senses, and even our 6th sense, while being viewed; When the main message, lesson, or the moral of a story really touches the audience at a deep level, that’s when I find true JOY in this career. Therefore, expressing myself creatively by performing “acts” or projects that are meaningful and able to provoke good change in people and the world, is where I am HAPPY to be headed to these days ”

Here are excerpts of  our Conversation with Maria,

Fascination Glamour: High Point in Life

Maria de Jesus: I feel high on life while I am working on new creative projects that I believe in with like minded people. 

 Fascination Glamour: Low Point in Life

Maria de Jesus: Heartbreaks have taken me to very low points in my past, this includes my own breakup with few ex’s or my parent’s divorce after ending their 25-year marriage. 

 Fascination Glamour: If not a Model/ Actor You would have been …? 

Maria de Jesus: If I wouldn’t have been a model or actor or singer, or anything artistic, I would DEF be a politician because I would make real, legal, changes for the better  – like for climate change and for women.

 Fascination Glamour: If you had just 10 Mins to dress up, what would you wear?

Maria de Jesus: My black, short, cotton, short sleeved dress that comes off one shoulder by American Apparel, white leather high tops by ASH that I bought in Naples, Italy, and my long denim coat that I bought in Jerusalem, Israel.

Fascination Glamour: Describe your wardrobe in three words.

Maria de Jesus: Gym, SHOES, Denim.

Fascination Glamour: Three things in a guy that turn you on.

Maria de Jesus: Other than the obvious (LOYALTY), I LOVE BRAINS, Politeness aka Kindness, and Ambition.

Know More about Maria

Password : actor

Fascination Glamour: Your Most beautiful childhood memory.

Maria de Jesus: My most beautiful or fun childhood memories is when my 2 sisters and I would sing together on stage on the national theater of Nicaragua. 

 Fascination Glamour:  One thing that many people Might not know about you.

Maria de Jesus: I’m an open book, so most know I am an actor/model, but most don’t know that I started singing professionally for jingles and theater since the age of 9 before I got into acting and modeling.

Fascination Glamour: One thing you are most likely to be caught when home alone. 

Maria de Jesus: Stretching in front of the mirror.

Fascination Glamour: A Customized drink for Maria de Jesus Would contain.

Maria de Jesus: Not much of an alcohol drinker because I work out often, but if I had to choose: mezcal on the rocks with some colored salt and a cute flower on the rim would do for me. 

Fascination Glamour: The best way to unwind Yourself.

Maria de Jesus: If alone, a hot bath with oils. if within a good company, a massage from a pair of strong hands.

Fascination Glamour: Three things we will always find in your wallet.

Maria de Jesus:Cash (At least $20), Amex cards, and lottery tickets 😀 (Yes, I play the lotto almost every week).

Photo credit: Gian Luca Vasallo
Photo credit: Gian Luca Vasallo

 Fascination Glamour: A song that lifts up your spirit 

Maria de Jesus: An 80’s classic – Devil Inside by INXS

Fascination Glamour: Your Favorite Model 

Maria de Jesus: Cindy Crawford is my all time favorite.

Fascination Glamour: Your Fangirl Moment  ( You are Fan of any actor/model sportsperson)

Maria de Jesus: Don’t ask me why but I don’t get star struck much; in Manhattan, run into celebrities all the time and it has never had an effect on me. But I admit that I’m a HUGE fan of Robert Deniro, and I have been star struck around him in the past.

Fascination Glamour: One thing in Acting that took you by surprise

Maria de Jesus: While studying Meisner Technique w/ Alan Gordon in NYC, I was surprised by how many different emotions I could feel all at once. It felt like a roller coaster before I learned to hone the feelings. It’s better than therapy.

Fascination Glamour: What Photographers/Actors / Producers you have worked with and the favorite among them?

Maria de Jesus: I worked with director/producer/writer horror Gino Gianoli on a small part of one of his film “A Killing Day”, but would love to work in the near future with him. Also, worked with Adam Mason (director/producer/writer of horror) – would love to work with him in the near future as well. 

 Fascination Glamour: One Rumor you would like to start about yourself

Maria de Jesus: “She was discovered as an actor due to her beautiful feet” LOL

 Fascination Glamour: Your Favorite genre

Maria de Jesus: Indie Horror

 Fascination Glamour:  One Superpower you wish you had

 Maria de Jesus: Read minds

 Fascination Glamour: One Superstation you still follow:  

 Maria de Jesus: If you consider astrology a superstition, then I follow. 

Fascination Glamour:  A Hollywood star you would like to work with.

Maria de Jesus: I would like to work with other Latina Hollywood stars that are producing their own shows or have made their persona a business, like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria or Sofia Vergara. If I had to choose a male Hollywood star, it would be Keanu Reeves.

 Fascination Glamour: Upcoming Projects

Maria de Jesus: I’m working on producing my own variety show that curates everything I think is GREAT and soon to be popular of Generations XYZ. I host the show along with other guest hosts that are up and coming and ACTIVE artist of all kinds. It would be airing on NY Public Television (MNN.org) and online on channels like via YouTube. The reason WHY I’m airing it on these kinds of channels and networks, and not on Major networks, is to have full control of the creative aspect of the show and not be bought to express ourselves the way we want to due to monetary risk. I want this to be fun and inspiring! I want to reach a certain kind of audience and help inspire by showing them WHAT and WHO and HOW other artist featured on the show are making their own way by simply doing what they love and doing it with 110% of their passion. 

Also working on 2 different travel shows – a revival of 5 time Emmy award winning show “Cool in Your Code” – we are taking it international. And another sexy travel show, but can’t talk about it yet. Stay tuned!

Fascination Glamour: Your advice to new Actors:

Maria de Jesus: I advise every aspiring actor when they first get started in acting and take it seriously as a business, to invest in a professional headshot and a website.

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