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Meet Julia Tulupova: A Girl With A Suitcase

Meet Julia Tulupova Girl Suitcase
Photo Credit : Alona Belikova

Julia Tulupova


August 23rd



Favorite Movie

Huge fan of European Cinema, 500 Days Of Summer.

Comfort Food

Tomatoes and cheese.

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Kharkiv, Ukraine born Multi-talented, versatile, Julia Tulupova is an actress, writer, musician and producer. she started acting in musical theater when she was fourteen. Later she got her Bachelor’s Degree in the acclaimed National University Of Theater, Film and Television in Kiev and moved to California to study at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She has worked in number of theaters, TV Series and Movies,” An Angel in The City ” , ” Thrusday Illusion ” to name a few.

Here are excerpts of  our Conversation with Julia

Fascination Glamour: If not an Actor You would have been … ?

Julia Tulupova : I have never though about it and hope I never will.

 Fascination Glamour: High Point in Life

Julia Tulupova : I like to think of it as the present moment

 Fascination Glamour: Low Point in Life

Julia Tulupova: Probably the year after moving to the US in 2013. I graduated from The Academy and had to face the reality of Hollywood

 Fascination Glamour: Three things in a guy that turn you on..

Julia Tulupova: Manners, intelligence, sense of humor

Fascination Glamour: What’s one thing men do that puts you off ?

Julia Tulupova : Rudeness

Fascination Glamour: How do you let a man know you’re interested?

Julia Tulupova: Oh my, I’m so old school. I wait for a sign first and then go from there. But if the waiting gets too long – a smile never hurts

Fascination Glamour: Describe your wardrobe in three words.

Julia Tulupova: Practical, feminine, cozy

Fascination Glamour: When you are not working you are ?

Julia Tulupova: Reading, watching something, catching up with friends.

Photo Credit : Alona Belikova
Photo Credit : Alona Belikova

Fascination Glamour: On a date night would be wearing… ?

Julia Tulupova:  A dress.

 Fascination Glamour:  One thing that many people Might not know about you.

Julia Tulupova: I was kidnapped once. It wasn’t that creepy as it sounds though.

Fascination Glamour: First Acting/Modeling  break … 

Julia Tulupova: I started working in my hometown’s musical theater in Ukraine when I was 15. I got my first episodic role in a TV show during my first year of collage. It was a Russian show called “The Rules Of Stealing”.

Fascination Glamour: Ever have a fear while starting your Acting career ?

Julia Tulupova: I didn’t have any fears at the beginning, but as I get older I might get anxious about hiatuses and instability of this business every now and then, but the times I’m at work outshine it all.

Fascination Glamour: One Thing that we will always find on your bedside table ….

Julia Tulupova: My grandma’s photo and a non-romantic nasal spray.

Fascination Glamour: What Photographers / Producers you have worked with and favorite among them?

Julia Tulupova: My favorite head shot photographer is Anthony Mongiello. In terms of producers… there’s a lot. Creative teams of This Is Us, Good Girls Revolt, Bones, Mixology… love them all!

 Fascination Glamour: Your advice to budding modeling / acting gal.

Julia Tulupova: Don’t do it if you can

Photo Credit : Alona Belikova


Fascination Glamour: One thing in Acting that took you by surprise.

Julia Tulupova: The amount of time you have to wait on sets.

Fascination Glamour: Biggest Risk you have ever taken ?

Julia Tulupova: Moving to the US.

Fascination Glamour: A Hollywood star you would like to work with.

Julia Tulupova:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal, Marion Cotillard.

Fascination Glamour: Upcoming Projects.

Julia Tulupova: Feature film “Playing With Beethoven”.

 Fascination Glamour: Expectations from your Acting career .

Julia Tulupova: I don’t know if you can call it “expectations”, it’s mostly goals. I’d like to keep doing both stage and film work and start producing and teaching later on.

 Fascination Glamour: A Customized drink would contain.

Julia Tulupova: Cherry juice.

 Fascination Glamour: Where do you see yourself after 5 years down the line.

Julia Tulupova: Working, traveling and helping others.

 Fascination Glamour: Your Proud moment.

Julia TulupovaAny moment that involves overcoming fear actually. Moving to the US was one of the biggest for me so far.

 Fascination Glamour: What’s the weirdest compliment you have ever received.

Julia Tulupova :  “I like your fingers.”.

 Fascination Glamour: . If you woke up as Donald Trump, What you would do ?

Julia Tulupova: Resign.

Fascination Glamour: Your Go to Person for any advice.

Julia Tulupova : My grandma.

Fascination Glamour: Title of your Biography would read … ?

Julia Tulupova :  “A Girl With A Suitcase”:)

Photo Credit : Alona Belikova

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