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Meet Maya Tal Model and Actor From Australia

Maya Tal

Model & Actor

Favorite Movie

The Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers.

Comfort Food

Seafood linguini pasta in a white wine sauce.

 Favorite Holiday destination 

I’m still dreaming of New York; hoping to make it a reality this year

Favorite Book

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Meet Maya Tal Model Actor Australia
Photo Credit: Ray Fitz

Who Is Maya ?

Melbourne-based actress, model, singer, writer and spoken word artist. In short, a storyteller. She believes storytelling to be at the crux of all that is sacred to humanity and therefore vital to its survival, facilitating empathy and love by enabling us to metaphorically walk in the shoes of others

Her Education

By way of background, She completed  BA (Bachelor of Arts) the Curtin University of Technology in Perth and LLB (Hons) (Bachelor of Laws with first class Honours), at the  Melbourne University. She undertook extensive acting training at 16th Street and NIDA while working as a corporate lawyer. I’ve since succumbed to my yearning to pursue acting, modelling,  and writing as serious vocations

Acting/Modeling Journey

On the modelling front, her first break came when she inadvertently scored a couple of briefs for Hunter Creative. Within a couple of weeks of saying her corporate lawyer job goodbye, she found herself in Cairns, negotiating deep creek terrain on all fours covered in snakes, while remaining acutely mindful of their delicate social dynamics

Know More About Maya

Maya Tal Isreal Born Model and Actor want to blend disciplines of art, acting, music, dance, film and fashion, much in the same vein as her hero, David Bowie. Talking to Fascination Glamour she said ” As an artist, my goal is to be as authentic in the moment as possible, embracing all aspects that constitute my being, thereby making me human. By doing so, I hope to encourage others to listen to their heart and break down the illusory barriers that separate us from not only one another but also ourselves. I hope to seamlessly blend disciplines of art, acting, music, dance, film and fashion, much in the same vein as my hero, David Bowie, and that my message of self-love and selflessness continues to resonate. In fact, I tend to use modelling assignments as opportunities to hone my acting skills, creating entire backstories and characters for each brief, and jokingly refer to myself as a  Method actor Model. The Moment is my Muse and art is flicker of light that never goes out ”

Here are excerpts of  our Conversation with Maya Tal

Fascination Glamour: High Point in Life
Maya Tal:  Finally managing to silence the voices external to me and listen to my heart to find the courage to pursue a full-time career in the arts. Within a few short months, I managed to score prominent roles on several exciting productions, numerous modelling briefs, and the platform to perform my spoken word on national television and in live venues around Melbourne.
Fascination Glamour: Low Point in Life
Maya Tal: Feeling withdrawn and unfulfilled, like a hamster on a corporate wheel, with no end in sight for years on end.
Fascination Glamour: If not a Model/ actor You would have been …? 
Maya Tal: I guess my previous roles as a lawyer and journalist go someway to answering that question.
Fascination Glamour: If you had just 10 Mins to dress up, what would you wear?
Maya Tal: Jeans, a simple tee and sneakers; when ‘off duty’, I tend to be slack and dress predominantly for comfort, though I’d undoubtedly be undone by something like a failure to find, say, a matching bra. My closet is bursting at the seams despite the numerous spring cleans it’s endured.
Fascination Glamour: Three things in a guy that turn you on.
Maya Tal: I stand no chance in resisting a guy who possesses the following: a devil-may-care attitude, a sense of humor drier than the Sahara desert and, last but certainly not least, the soul of an artist.
Fascination Glamour: That one thing that you got scolded for the most as a child.
Maya Tal: As a toddler, during my Father’s long trips away, I would climb to reach the bathroom cabinet and access his razor-blade, before proceeding to shave my face ‘just like Daddy’, either to protest his absence or in an effort to feel closer to him. Suffice to say, mum was horrified to discover my blood-splattered face, though I was lucky to escape my childhood without any self-imposed facial scarring. Mum managed to avoid a reoccurrence, but it was certainly not for lack of trying on my part.
Fascination Glamour:  One thing that many people Might not know about you.
Maya Tal: I was born in Israel and didn’t speak a word of English until the age of 9 when my family moved to Australia.
Fascination Glamour: One thing you are most likely to be caught when home alone.
Maya Tal: Writing or picking out the cream from recent shoots for submissions, etc., driving everyone bananas in the process.
Fascination Glamour: The bitchiest thing you had heard about yourself
Maya Tal: Being called a liar and told in no uncertain terms that my version of events had no merit by people who’d made up their minds before or had no interest in hearing my side of the story which posed a threat to the status quo to be maintained at all costs.
Fascination Glamour: Three things we will always find in your wallet.
Maya Tal: Lip-balm, mobile phone,  and plastic means to buying material things.
Fascination Glamour: A song that lifts up your spirit 
Maya Tal:  Let It Be’ by The Beatles.
Fascination Glamour: Your Favorite Model 
Maya Tal: No model will ever hold a candle to Kate Moss.
Fascination Glamour: What Photographers you have worked with and your favorite among them?
Maya Tal: I’ve worked with some amazing local talent all over Australia, including Shay Bourne in Cairns, and Peter Elgar, Tony Collins, and Ray Fitz in Melbourne, these sessions proving to be the most memorable of my modelling career. to date.
Fascination Glamour: Upcoming Projects
Maya Tal: Projects on the radar this year thus far include shooting the films She’s Not So Ordinary and We Need To Talk and the web series’ Jumping Trains and What A Great Idea, as well as the anticipated release of Saucy Morsel’s first official EP, She Knows

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