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Paris Hilton Breaks Silence On Infamous Sex Tape

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REALITY star, businesswoman and heiress Paris Hilton has been known for many things over the years.However, there’s one thing from her past the 36-year-old would prefer you erase from memory – her leaked sex tape titled 1 Night in Paris with then-boyfriend Rick Saloman, filmed when she was just 18-years-old.

Speaking to Marie Claire, for its September issue the 36-year-old Simple Life star the heiress – who is reportedly working on a new television series – opens up about her regrets for the tape, and how violated she felt at it being leaked (without her permission) and sold for profit for the public’s enjoyment. reflected on the sex tape.

She insists she made no money from it “That’s one thing that really pisses me off when I hear it, because I never, ever received one dollar from that video,” she tells Marie Claire. “That is the last thing that I would want out there.

The 36-year-old explained: ‘It’s really hurtful, because my whole life I really looked up to Princess Diana, all these elegant, amazing women, and I feel like [Salomon] just took that all away from me”, “I could have been like that, but because of that tape, I will always be judged and thought of as whatever they say about me because of a private moment between my boyfriend and me.”

She continued: ‘I wish I had never met him. That is actually the one regret in my life. I wish that I had never met that guy. I could not leave my house for months. I was so depressed, humiliated. I didn’t want to be seen in public.’

Saloman released the tape online shortly before Hilton’s TV series The Simple Life debuted in 2004.

A still from the sex tape, which was shot in 2001.Source: News Limited


A tearful Hilton, who has parlayed her reality TV fame into a wildly successful dance music career — she’s the highest-paid female DJ in the world — says she felt the release of the tape irreversibly tainted her public image.

At the time Hilton said she was ‘out of it’, didn’t know what she was doing did not approve of the tape’s public release. Saloman sued Hilton for defamation and she counter-sued over the release of the tape.

They settled out of court in 2005 but details weren’t made public.

Hilton reveals that the incident affected her so much it changed the way she views men in general.

In hindsight, Hilton says she regrets the relationship with Saloman – 12 years her senior – who went on to marry Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson.

Former married couple Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon in 2013. Source: Getty Images


When she was younger Hilton said she would always ‘need a boyfriend’ and ‘just felt like I needed to be with someone.’

But it eventually wore down on her, as she explained: ‘I feel like I cannot trust anyone. As soon as I start dating a guy, all of a sudden they become this guy that all the girls want.’

Meanwhile, Hilton also reveals her admiration for Donald Trump, despite not voting in the 2016 election.

The socialite said of Trump: ‘I’ve known him since I was a little girl. And he’s always been so nice, so respectful and sweet,

Hilton also said she wasn’t fazed by Trump’s ‘grab them by the pu**y’ line that surfaced during his election campaign.

In the interview, the multi-millionaire also opened up about feminism, admitting she aligns herself with the movement but prefers her own, somewhat vague, a definition of the term.

‘I just feel it’s about women’s empowerment and girl power, and I’m very into that,’ she said.

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