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Storm DCup Scandal Brewing Queen Elizabeth Bra Fitter
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Storm in a D-Cup : The Scandal Brewing Over Queen Elizabeth’s Bra Fitter

The British royal family is facing some drama this week as Queen Elizabeth has symbolically denounced her former bra fitter (or “corsetiere,” to be official). June Kenton, the former owner of the lingerie company Rigby & Peller, lost the company its royal approval after she wrote a tell-all autobiography, Storm in a D-Cup. Kenton reveals such details as Princess Margaret’s penchant for handmade swimwear (insisted on for her trips to Mustique) and describes giving Princess Diana posters of models in lingerie for her sons, William and Harry, “to put up in their studies at Eton.” Kenton officially retired and sold her stake in Rigby & Peller in 2011 but continued to do the Queen’s fittings—her former company had been serving the Queen for 57 years.

The book came out in March of last year, but now Her Majesty has responded definitively (if not swiftly) by revoking the lingerie supplier’s royal warrant. Warrants go to those who have supplied the households of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, or Prince Charles for at least five years. The Royal Warrant Holders Association diligently catalogs these esteemed businesses: Burberry, for example, serves as the Queen’s official weatherproofers, while Hunter supplies waterproof footwear (aka Wellies).

“I never ever thought when I was writing the book that it would upset anyone,” Kenton, now in her 80s, told The Telegraph. She was surprised at the response as, in her mind, “The book doesn’t contain anything naughty.”

But apparently, the Queen didn’t want people to know that her corgis were in the room while she was half-dressed. Or maybe she was upset about the part where her super-chill nature was revealed. “Suddenly there was an enormous thunderclap,” Kenton writes in an adapted excerpt for the Daily Mail. “Her Majesty calmly flicked on the main light switch, looked out of her window and said she hoped it wouldn’t rain, as she had 8,000 people coming for tea.”

Hard to confirm which tidbit the Queen found most irritating, but it’s easy to assume that she was—like many women would be—troubled by her bra fitter writing a book that included her, no matter how non-naughty the information might be.

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