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Copenhagen University offers course on Beyoncé

Students Copenhagen University study Beyonce

Students at Copenhagen University will study about ‘Beyonce’ coming academic year. The class titled “Beyonce, Gender and Race” is being offered by The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and will be taught in much the same way as any other culture and literature class.

As per Telegraph, the class has already attracted enough attention from students with almost 75 students already signed up for the course. The class will analyze Beyonce’s songs and videos to understand Black Feminism. As told by Erik Steinskog to the Danish broadcaster, TV2, the class aims to introduce Black Feminist though to Scandinavian students.

“One of the goals [of the class] is to introduce black feminist thought, which is not well known in Scandinavia. We want to explore the kind of entity feminism is,” he said.

“Beyoncé is important in understanding the world we live in. Beyoncé is one of the biggest pop artists today, which makes her important in an analysis of contemporary times,” Prof Steinskog added.

The class has been received positively by students and has already been shifted to a large lecture hall on accounts of the number of students who have registered for the course. As per the University’s campus magazine, the class has reached maximum registration limit.

Copenhagen University is not the first to offer a course on Beyonce. Rutgers University in New Jersey launched a Beyoncé course several years ago.

 Not to be outdone Staffordshire’s University offered a course in David Beckham studies in which participants explored some of the sociological implications behind society’s obsession with footballers.

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