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If you want to offer Fascination Glamour a contribution in the form of an article, story, or any other artwork, you should consider which section of the website is most likely to be interested and Mention it in ” Post Title “. All submissions must be submitted by the copyright owner, or have proof of permission from the copyright holder. All submissions must include credits, social media links, website links (as applicable)


Creative Writing – Life lessons. Space battles. Gory endings. Happy endings. Excerpts from your own books. Send it all! If we think it sounds awesome, more than likely, it’ll get posted on the site for the rest of the internet to read!

Artist Coverage – Know a local or semi-famous artist you think everyone should know about? Get some photos of them and their work, send us the info and we’ll get it up online!

Pictorial – Have an amazing set of shots taken by you or by an amazing photographer and team? Pictorial submissions should be 10-14 photos of the same and/or similar style and set.

Editorials – Submit 300-1000 words of content along with 8-12 photos  This can be a story, event coverage, interviews, etc.

Tutorials – Are you an SME in your field or do you have advice that you want to share to the rest of the world? Send us what you got and let’s get it up on the interwebs.

Reviews – Do you have new photography gear or products that you are trying out and want to host your review? Great! Send in the review to us with as much detailed information about the product and your response.

By submitting, you are stating that you have permission/authorizations and all clearances to submit items to Fascination Glamour and all of our media partners/collaborators for media distribution. We, including our media partners/collaborators, are held blameless for any and all disputes which arise out of your submissions, read or unread. Fascination Glamour is not responsible for any cost associated with the production of your submission. By allowing Fascination Glamour to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos, social media, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and dissemination of Fascination Glamour content.

Photos should be a maximum of 96 dpi.

All submissions are allowed with the exception of anything directly perceived as sexually explicit (no sexual acts, alone or otherwise, are permitted). Nudity is acceptable. This includes body paint, creative art nudes, implied, and other related artistic works.
There are no themes or set styles required for submission. We are looking more for good quality of submission versus content.  This does not mean that you will never get published, so please, re-submit constantly. The submitter will be notified within the first 7 days after your submission if we will be using it in the for the website or not.

While the website does not have a particular theme, we do require that submissions are in the form of sets of the same theme/genre. When submitting, please ensure you are submitting the required amount of photos of the same theme.
Do not submit 3-4 images of one outfit, and then remaining 3-4 photos of a different outfit, or 12 different photos.

No submission should have watermark.

No submission should leave out full credits list, this includes all available social media links, names of those involved (stage names are fine but real names need to be on file), and all positions, i.e., makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe designer, or whoever else may be associated with that work.

Good submissions should follow the above guidelines from this page as well as depict a variety of pose (if modeling/portraiture) as well as different angles.

We do not accept responsibility for loss of unsolicited prints, transparencies, etc. Contributions should be sent to us electronically. Other methods are possible – but only in exceptional circumstances

After review, you will be notified within 1-2 Working days, if it meets our Guidelines or not.

Supported files

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Apple Quick time movie
  • MPEG4 ( Video )
  • JPEG

If you have any difficulty in uploading your content through this page you can drop a mail to the editor for any assistance or clarification.

Editor:- editor@fascination-glamour.com

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