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Upgrade Summer Style Fashion Accessory Trends

Upgrade Your Summer Style With These Fashion Accessory Trends

While summer is the time to slip into a swimsuit and settle by the poolside with an armful of cocktails; it’s also a good time to upgrade your style. However, realistically dressing up for the season can be difficult and the sweltering, sticky heat doesn’t make it any easier. What can help are accessories. These tiny elements lend every outfit with flair without adding to your summer woes. These 7 fashion accessories trends are hot right now so before you see them everywhere, grab them already.

1. Straw Crossbody Bags

Straw makes an appearance religiously every summer and this time isn’t any different. This season, expect to see the woven material in smaller shapes with crossbody bags that are slung easily. So chic and hassle-free, you won’t be able to resist yourself from it.


2. Wrist Party

Where is the hottest party happening this season, you ask? Why, on your wrist, of course. Adorn your wrists with multiple dainty bracelets layered together. Especially with a juxtaposition of metals and stones, it’ll add a glimmering touch to your look.


3. Tinted Sunglasses

You’ve probably already seen many sporting this trend that’s a trend revival from the 90s. Think Britney Spears and Paris Hilton back in their hey-day. The tinted sunglasses are seen in a rainbow of shades from purple to yellow, sometimes in small structured shape a la The Matrix.


4. Platform Sneakers

Staying steady on the trend roll this season are sneakers and they’re only going up, quite literally. Everyone’s favourite comfort shoe is getting a few inches of height added at the sole. Why? For style, obviously. Plus, it’ll help you steer clear of rainy day puddles too.


5. Fanny Packs

Now here’s a trend we never thought we’d see again. Fanny packs, also called belt bags or bum bags, are back and how. Designers have given them a chic twist and they aren’t only confined to your waist anymore. Go ahead and wear your fanny pack stylishly slung under your arm too.


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6. Hoops

Yet another late 90s favourite is back and it’s bigger than ever before. Like Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez’s hit looks, the hoop earring trend is already making waves in all shapes and sizes. Fashion doesn’t discriminate when it comes to accessories, you know.


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7. Slider Sandals

You’ve certainly seen your fair share of slider sandals already and they aren’t going anywhere. With their bright pops of colours which are super easy to slip into, this is one trend we’re definitely on board with this season.


Which of these summer accessory trends will you be trying this season? We’d love to know in the comments.

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